You’ve been on the job hunt for a while now, and you’re eager to accept a job offer so you can begin a brand new position – but have you asked the right questions that will allow you to make an informed decision on taking the next step in your career?

Being presented with a new job offer can be very exciting, but you want to make sure you go into it with all of your questions answered. Let’s take a look at 4 things you should know before diving head first into a new position. 


1. Salary

Arguably the most important knowledge to have about your new position, you should know exactly what your salary and financial potential will be before accepting a new job. 

You don’t want to get two weeks into your job and find out the compensation for your available career path is not what you had expected. Asking questions beforehand about raise schedules and career advancement will allow you to negotiate a salary that is acceptable for both yourself and your employer, as well as determine your future opportunities at the company. 


2. Benefit options

Do you know what your healthcare options are? You should. 

Things like medical, dental, vision, and other healthcare benefits are important to you as a new hire. You should always know exactly what the company offers, as well as what they cover/what you’ll be paying for these benefits. 

You should also know what your options are in terms of 401k and employer matching. It’s always a good thing to know what your benefit options are when starting a new position.


3. Remote work

Is your position one that allows working remotely and/or flexible working hours? If you’re someone who values these options, it’s good to know before you accept a position that does not offer either. 

If your employer does offer flexible work hours and remote working, you want to know exactly what your options are. How many hours are required per week? Which days should you be working in your office? If this information is not spelled out for you early on, it could lead to misunderstandings and work-life balance conflicts down the road.


4. Logistics

Finally, you should always figure out the particulars of how your new office functions. Helpful information to gather can pertain to dress code, parking, travel reimbursement, expectations for break periods, sick days and PTO, and any other quirks unique to this particular office environment.



Don’t let confusion and lack of knowledge get in the way of your excitement when accepting a new job position. Ask the right questions, receive the answers you’re looking for, and you’re on your way to a happier experience as a new hire.