How to Best Answer These 4 Important New Hire Questions

Hiring a new employee and introducing them to your team can be an exciting task. You’re eager to see how your new found job hire performs with the rest of the bunch, but your new hire is bound to arrive with a few questions before they begin.

Questions and concerns do not end once the hiring process is over. In fact, your new hire may have more questions now than they did during their interview. It’s up to you as the employer to put their mind at ease and reassure them of their decision.

If you want to make sure your new hire is happy and ready to get to work, you need to be prepared to tackle any question they may have. With that in mind, here are 4 frequently asked new hire questions that you may encounter, with some advice on how to answer them.


1. What is the dress attire like?

If your office has a strict dress code, your new hires are going to have questions about it. Similarly, if you have a more relaxed dress code, your new hires might want to know where the line is drawn in terms of dress.

Your new employee should always be informed on what is and is not okay in terms of dress attire. You want them to feel comfortable as soon as possible. You can also mitigate this question by sending out an email before your new hire’s first day of work with any dress attire information you have.


2. How does lunch work?

A lunch hour is telling for many offices and workplaces. With every lunchtime practice being different, your new hire will want to know what the protocol is for the afternoon hours.

You always want to let your new hire know how much time is allotted for a lunch break, so they don’t feel uncomfortable when leaving to grab food. You also want to let them know if there are specific times set for lunch, if you have a break room for them to eat, and any other lunchtime norms you may have in place.

For example, if your company hosts a staff lunch once a week/month, you’ll want to let your new employee know ahead of time so they prepare for the occasion.


3. Where should I park my car?

For those companies that do not have the luxury of having an onsite parking lot, parking can be a bit confusing for those newcomers. Where should they park their car? Do they need a parking pass? Is street parking acceptable? These are all questions a new hire may have.

Without these parking questions answered, you could have a late employee on your hands, making their fresh start a frustrating one. Work to answer these questions ahead of time and you’ll save everyone involved a lot of stress.


4. Who will I be working with?

Introducing your new hire to his/her team is essential for the growth of productivity. You want to make sure everyone is introduced and there are no questions about who your new hire should report to for further projects.

You can add your new hire to any communication channel your employees currently use. Or, you can introduce them to their team via an email chain. Whatever works best for your company to make sure everyone is on the same page.

While your new hire may have other questions, the answers you can give to these 4 will help take away a lot of the concern and fear about working for a brand new company.