How to Attract More Candidates to Your Job Posting

As the number of job postings continues to rise, it can be a struggle to find qualified candidates during the recruiting process. Check out some tips on how to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates to your posting. Happy recruiting!


1. Remember your job posting is an ad

When writing a job posting, you are trying to grab the attention of the ideal, qualified job seeker. As the employer, you want to sell the position and your company to attract the candidates you want. One tactic to draw them in is by giving these potential candidates insight into your company through discussing your mission or culture.


2. Be clear

Many job seekers will not apply for a job where they don’t understand the job title, or for a position that they are unsure they are qualified for. Make sure the position and company description is clearly defined and relevant so candidates can successfully determine if they will be a good fit.


3. Search engine optimization is essential

You want to write a job posting that job seekers will be able to find during the job hunt. The best way to do this is by using keywords relevant to the position in your posting. Do research before writing your job post to get an understanding of what similar positions have included for inspiration.

Also make sure your job post title is not too unique. This will decrease the chances of people coming across it when they are searching on the site or in another search engine like Google.


4. Straightforward application

Having a complicated application process often discourages individuals from applyingMake it as applicant-friendly as possible by ensuring the process will not be repetitive or time consuming for candidates. Always try to have an easy-to-follow format by clearly outlining the qualifications, job description, preferred skills, etc., so that you attract more candidates. The job seeker should never be questioning how they should start the application process.


5. Post smartly

Smart phones are becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, so the amount of people applying to jobs via mobile phones will continue to rise also. When posting your available job, make sure that your job posting is accessible on mobile devices to allow you to reach the largest pool of candidates possible. Consider also utilizing your company’s social media platforms to reach a bigger audience to inform people about your new job opening.

Remember that job boards are a great tool for employers, especially ones looking to target a specific niche. Job boards allow companies to find more qualified candidates in a specific field easier than traditional job boards.