3 Ways to Target the Talent You’re Looking For

Having trouble finding the right person to fill your job openings? Want to find a better way to curate the talent you’re looking for? Of course you do!

And you’re not alone, in fact, Aptitude Research Partners say 3 out of 4 individuals that do hiring say that finding quality job candidates is their biggest struggle when it comes to recruiting. But with the right tools and techniques, you can do more to curate the right job candidates for your company.

Let’s look at 3 easy ways you can target the talent you’re looking for to fill your organization’s open job positions. With our help, you’ll have an easier time finding the job candidates you want to hire.


1. Be smart about advertising

Think about how your company markets its job openings. Are you reaching those qualified candidates that you’re looking for? Or, are you mindlessly marketing your listings?

Be smart about the way you advertise your job openings. If you’re doing more generic advertising and marketing, you’re going to attract a wide variety of job candidates- some more qualified than others. In this case, shifting your focus from quantity to quality is essential.

Think about where the job candidates you want to attract generally spend their time online, and think about directing your advertisements to those places. Research into the audience you’d like to target can help with this.

You should also focus on bringing more awareness to your brand. Growth of your reputation comes from online testimonials, finding advocates willing to vouch for your company, and having those important experiences with customers. You want your ideal job seeker to know that the company they’re applying for is the right choice for them.


2. Look for informed job seekers

Would you want to bring someone onto your company that doesn’t know anything at all about your goals, missions, and overarching purpose? The answer is probably no.

Make sure that the candidates you’re selecting to interview are those that know a bit about your organization and its brand. With so many users coming to your job listing, it can be hard to sift through the candidates that are informed and those that have not done their research. This is why it’s up to you to screen these candidates beforehand via email, phone call, etc. before bringing them to an in-person interview.

You should be sure to provide places on your company’s website for those interested to learn more about who you are, what you do, and what you want to accomplish. This way, interested candidates will know where to look when they start to research more about your company.


3. Use targeting tools

Is your job listing using targeting tools to get to the bottom of things? This is another key aspect of attracting the job candidates you’re looking for.

Making sure to fill out specific fields in your job post can help you better target candidates. Offering criteria like location, position type, experience required, and other fields can help you filter out candidates that won’t serve the position you’re trying to fill.

Think about all of the requirements you’re looking for in a job candidate. Do you want them to be in office everyday, or do you need remote workers? How many years of experience do you want them to have? And what type of experience is important to you? These are all things to think about when feeling out who you want to hire.

Setting up the criteria of a job post will help you attract candidates that check off the boxes you have in your job search.


Targeting job candidates can be easy if you take the right preemptive steps. Start bringing in more qualified job candidates today using our tips!